UBRU’s Green University Steering Team

We would like to gratitude all of the following staff who provided useful data and information for the Green Metric Assessment.

  • Asst.Prof.Prachum Pongpan (UBRU’s President)
  • Asst.Prof.Somporn Sae-Chong (Registration Department)
  • Asst.Prof.Sappasiri Songsukrujiroad,Ph.D (International Education Institute)
  • Mr.Wattanachai Malia (Lecturer, Environmental Science)
  • Thitipong Un-chai,Ph.D (Head of Excellent Center of Renewable Energy)
  • Ms.Uamporn Wangkham (Head of Building and Infrastructure)
  • Natthapong Nanthasamroeng,Ph.D (Green & Sustainable University Coordinator)